Feng Shui – Interior Design Tips

Over the centuries, royal families have been celebrated across the world owing to the power and luxury that has graced their lives. There have been countless instances of exclusivity especially when it comes to decor and a general fashion sense. Aside from fashion traits in their garments, there has been notable praise in the general interior design styles. The best fashion designers and notable icons in this industry have cultivated a culture where their skill sets, literally set the tone for impressive living spaces.

One notable style is the Feng Shui which is a luxury theme that sets a more humble tone.

The Feng Shui Theme

Alternatively, the humble yet simple tone that is a highlight of this concept gives the living space energy that influences positivity and peace of mind. There is also balance and harmony that contributes to mental health while focusing on healthy relations and success.

The Elements of the Feng Shui Concept

Each item used or added to the interior space is classified as an element. The elements are:

  • Metal
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Wood

To vividly bring this concept or theme to life, each of these elements relies on proper placement and a general idea of mix and match. The elements, on a broader scope, represent human behaviours such as intelligence and clarity but to mention a few. It should also be noted that the behaviours represented are all positive which is why balancing the elements is key. Furniture which is a wood element should be paired with, for instance, a sculpture which are metal elements to attain growth and intelligence respectively.

Create an Eco-Friendly Home with Sustainable Decorating Materials

Sustainable materials don’t only look good, but they feel good too! Reclaimed woods, cork, bio-glass and natural fibres help to give your home a soft and outdoorsy look, and when you use them you can feel safe in the knowledge that you’re helping the environment. Many of these materials are easy to find, budget-friendly and are extremely versatile, so you can use them in every part of your home.

If you’d like to learn more, read our useful guide below or find out more with Tylko’s guide to sustainable materials.

Popular sustainable design materials

  • Reclaimed wood adds character to your home, as well as being eco-friendly. It has a lived-in feel, with natural marks and knots that show it has an interesting history; you might find wood from old train tracks, from antique pieces of furniture, or planks that used to be floorboards in a Victorian home. If you choose to buy new wood, look for wood that comes from sustainable sources. Many companies now operate sustainable forests, so for every tree that is cut down, a new one is planted in its place, so that forests can regenerate and regrow.

  • Seagrass, sisal, and rattan are natural fibres that are sustainably harvested. These crops regrow very quickly, so they are easy to replenish. They bring a real touch of the outdoors inside thanks to their earthy tones and non-uniform texture, and they’re perfect for high volume areas thanks to their durability. Place a seagrass rug or doormat in your hallway and it’ll stop mud from being walked through the rest of your home.

  • Shells, feathers, and stones can all be used to decorate your home, and are perfect for a DIY project. Instead of buying them, why not go out and collect them yourself? A trip to the beach can result in a beautiful collection of shells, pebbles and fossils that can be placed in a large glass bowl, or used to decorate photo frames. Feathers can be repurposed from the inside of old cushions or duvets and can be used to trip lampshades or curtains.

  • Bioglass is a useful, recycled material that can be incorporated into your home as a table, countertop, or even a sink. It’s made from discarded glass bottles and other items and is reheated and moulded into a tough yet attractive material.

Finest Vinyl Storage Ideas

Music is the easiest way to charm a heart. That rock collection that you hold dear to your heart, the soul records that calms you down, can be moved from the dusty corner and turned into a thing of beauty. A vinyl storage unit helps to store the records. It can also accentuate the interior decor of a room. There are several vinyl storage ideas; you can choose the one that appeals to you.

Triple rack storage unit

Good things come in a trio; well, the vinyl storage unit boasts three racks, which you can use to store your records.

Floating display

Imagine a collection of your favourite records in the middle of a wall; it looks epic. The floating display accentuates the beauty of a home. The sections hold several records, and you can choose three of your favourite to act as the face. It saves floor space.

Hoop magazine storage rack

The storage unit comes in the form of a hoop. It is perfect for basketball fanatics as it helps to take their records to the rack. It is best suited for a few records.

Horizontal A to Z unit

For easy identification and location of your records, you can opt for the horizontal and Z unit divider. It has all the numbers of the alphabet enabling you to arrange alphabetically. It is highly effective and saves you lots of trouble. It can be placed on the floor or table.

Tylko’s vinyl storage units

A product from the Tylko company, Type01 Plywood is made from premium birch, and it’s hand-oiled to maintain the natural texture. Tylko custom makes the product according to your needs. If you are making a considerable splash, they can make you big plywood. If your space is small, they will craft a tight fit for you. Check out their products here: https://tylko.com/shelves/vinyl_storage/. The storage unit is long-lasting as it is made from quality wood, and it’s environmentally friendly.

Corner store vinyl unit

That empty corner can turn in to a storage unit. It is placed vertically and contains several racks.

Record display crates

A vinyl display crate can hold up to 45 records. It has an acrylic plate that enables you to display your favourite records. Boxes save space and create an orderly display.

There are a host of vinyl storage ideas. Choose the one that suits your needs. You can use space, the number of records, and how it complements the interior décor factors to make a choice.