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Intelligent advertising can give you return on your investment - with interest

Many businesses believe advertising can be a waste of money rather than an inspired and highly effective investment. Successful advertising and direct mail campaigns must be visually inviting, create immediate interest and compel the reader to act. Together these elements will stop the reader, hold their attention whilst putting across your message and get them to act upon this interest quickly.

Are you taking the time to create marketing that works and yields a return on your investment? Only by defining exactly what sets your business and your products or services apart from the competition can we create highly effective advertising and direct mail campaigns that generate real interest, stimulate a response and increase sales.

Ask yourself the following questions about your marketing and advertising, both in print and on-line.

Do you have a strong, compelling and persuasive headline that is aimed purely at your target audience and grabs your reader’s attention? Does it draw them in towards the body copy?

Is your copy then benefit driven rather than product heavy?

And finally, is your call to action strong, succinct and actively encouraging your reader to take the next step there and then?

It's Your Turn to Take the Next Steps

Before you spend any more of your budget on advertising, both in print and online, it’s imperative that you invest the time to get it right.

If you would like to explore the best way to create a successful advertising strategy and feel you will benefit from a no-obligation discussion to gain clarity before investing your budget:

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"I have been completely delighted with everything Paul from Azur has created for Seth Lovis & Co.

He took the time to really understand our business model and once he had done that I was able to leave him in charge of developing our position from a Covent Garden practice to one that is now known as a strong provider of legal services across the whole of London."

Jonathan Tyler, Senior Partner,
Seth Lovis & Co Solicitors