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Brand Identity Creation

Altuity Solutions Limited, Bristol

Business and Product Name Creation, Brand Identity Creation, Website Design and Development, Video Concept and Development, Events Branding

"Paul's consultative approach enabled us to meet the deadline. He took the time to understand my business and the market."
Steve Voller, Founder, Altuity Solutions

The opportunity

When entrepreneur Steve Voller approached Azur Design and Marketing, he had a business idea but no company name, logo or strapline, branding, website or marketing collateral. Steve also had an immovable deadline of three months to launch.

The response

Developing a brand that works demands the right insight. Despite the time pressure, Azur Design and Marketing took the time to understand the product, business, market and audience. The strength of Altuity’s product proposition is that it brings simplicity to site management – an otherwise inherently complex area.  Individuals tasked with site management (of a school, university or hospital for example) often find it difficult to access the information they need, when they need it. This solution turns that on its head and inevitably influenced our creative response, which was all around delivering “simplicity from complexity”.

The deliverables

  • Business and Product Name – to communicate the business and its product’s inherent capabilities, Azur Design and Marketing worked closely with Steve to develop a suitable name. The result was “Altuity” derived from “Alto” for cloud, representing the product’s cloud-based platform and “tuity” inspired by the word “intuitive” representing the product’s intuitive functionality.
  • Brand / Identity Creation – a striking new brand identity was created, which visually evokes a feeling of space and tranquillity, whilst representing the two-way streaming of data to and from the cloud. The strapline: “Clarify. Converge. Control” delivers the three key benefits of the product.  
  • Website Design and Development – the ability to take control of your world is at the heart of Altuity’s proposition so we created a science fiction 3D ‘World’ illustration for the homepage, which delivers a highly impactful visual identity for the brand, while positioning Altuity’s proposition within the cloud. The user journey neatly takes Altuity’s audience through the problem, solution and benefits.
  • Video Concept and Development – a compact and engaging online video brings Alutity’s proposition to life, by audio visually delivering the benefits of the solution.
  • Events – Azur Design and Marketing delivered marketing support and collateral to support Alutity’s launch event.

"Paul took complete responsibility for all deliverables including managing third parties - a single point of contact was invaluable to me during the launch period."
Steve Voller, Founder, Altuity Solutions

The results

Azur Design and Marketing ensured the Altuity name, brand and supporting communications were successfully launched on time and on budget – within three months. We also provide ongoing marketing support to ensure Altuity continues to maintain marketing momentum in this important stage of business start up and early growth.

"I was engaged in the whole process and Paul isn't afraid to challenge or propose changes as ideas develop."
Steve Voller, Founder, Altuity Solutions

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"Paul's iterative approach to refining ideas and designs resulted in an extremely professional brand without compromise. I was engaged in the whole process and Paul isn't afraid to challenge or propose changes as ideas develop.

Whatever line of business you're in I have no hesitation recommending Azur - your business has one chance to make a first impression - make it a good one!"

Steve Voller, Founder
Altuity Solutions